Joint Sealants

TECHSEAL is an expanding form of PTFE fluorocarbon material. Although it is very strong and tough, it is soft and 'marshmallowy' in character permitting it to conform easily to irregular surfaces and to compress to a thin wide ribbon under pressure.

It is 100% PTFE fluorocarbon and can be used in many applications where other materials fail quickly, either because of attack by corrosive chemicals or because of breakdown from exposure to high or low temperatures.

If you are having difficulty sealing worn or uneven flange surfaces, or are unable to exert too much torque on the bolts of flanges or structures, PTFE Joint Sealant could solve your problem!

Benefits and Properties Applications
  • Micro porous stretched fibre structure - Techseal is a 100% pure PTFE seal cord produced in a unique way giving it this property.
  • Self adhesive - making it easy to fit Techseal on a variety of surfaces.
  • Under pressure of the flange faces TECHSEAL deforms and fills out uneven surfaces.
  • Can withstand pressures up to 3000 PSI PH Range: 0-14
  • High flexibility
  • No Re-Torquing required after initial installation
  • Highly compressible enabling it to fit any irregularities in sealing surfaces
  • Low Stock Costs
  • Does not deteriorate with age
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Chemically resistant - compatible with 99% of chemicals
  • Temperature resistant up to -240°C to + 260°C
  • Can withstand acidic fluids and water and the ability to stop leakage in air transfers.
  • Pump and compressor housings
  • Flanges
  • Steam vessel flanges
  • Concrete lids
  • Manway covers
  • FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics)Vessels
  • Glass/fibre and steel pipe flanges
  • Ceramic and glass joints
  • Water supply systems

Ranges Available

Available as universal PTFE tape with self adhesive. Section sizes available to order shown in the tables below:

Rectangular Section Tape

Size Roll Length
3mm x 1.5mm 30 metres
5mm x 2mm 25 metres
7mm x 2.5mm 15 metres
10mm x 3mm 10 metres
14mm x 5mm 5 metres
17mm x 6mm 5 metres
20mm x 7mm 5 metres
25mm x 10mm 5 metres

Additional Information

*The most well-known brand name of PTFE Fabric is Teflon® Fabrics. Teflon® is a registered Trade mark of DuPont