PTFE Glasscloth

Techplas PTFE coated fabrics are excellent for offering non-stick properties with low friction and an effective resistance to extreme temperatures. The PTFE is coated onto Fibreglass, Kevlar or Nomex substrate.

We supply PTFE Coated Tape, available as non adhesive or with an adhesive backing. It is supplied in rolls of 30 metres or by the square metre and is used as a protective heat resistant barrier and for its non stick qualities. (Any width of tape from 10mm to 2.5m metre widths are readily available.)

Different thicknesses are available; we offer a porous material for greater air flow and also offer fabrics with a higher quantity of PTFE coating to give a higher dielectric strength. Antistatic and tear resistant coatings are also available. Material Manufacturing is approved to ISO 9002

Benefits and Properties Applications
  • Excellent Release and non-stick properties
  • Low Surface Friction (0.04 - 0.10) - lowest coefficient of static and dynamic friction of any solid
  • Non Toxic and Food Quality Approved - compliant with F.D.A Regulations and U.S.D.A approved for food contact applications (on non-adhesive material)
  • Excellent Resistance to extreme temperatures (thermal stability) - with continuous use temperature range of -150°C to 260°C
  • High Dielectric Strength - high insulating strength
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance - very non-reactive because of the strength of the bonds- chemically inert
  • Easy to Clean
  • Resistant to Microwaves, UV, Infrared and radio frequencies.
  • Resistant to Mildews and Fungi
  • Excellent Heat Transfer - making it energy efficient
  • Flexible and Strong Material - high tensile strength
  • Dimensionally Stable and Mechanically Stable - with low thermal expansion - will not change shape and will retain physical strength
  • Packaging - Release sheets & process conveyor belts
  • UPVC Window Manufacture
  • Architectural - Roofing membranes
  • Composites manufacturing - Bleeder and release fabrics
  • Electronic/Electrical components - Insulation layer & bearing surfaces
  • Environment - Chemical barrier membranes
  • Energy - Expansion joint fabrics
  • Food - Cooking release sheets & process conveyor belts
  • Graphics, Printing and Textiles - Release sheets & process conveyor belts
  • Polymer Processing - Release sheets & process conveyor belts
  • Photovoltaics- Module Laminator release sheets & belts
  • PVC Welding - Easy release platen covers

Ranges Available

Premium Range Engineered for maximum performance
Standard Range Strong general purpose, industrial range
Engineering Range A lightweight range with good release for less arduous applications
Etched Range Fabric etched on one side
Anti-Static Range Antistatic conductive fabrics
Porous Range Porous Fabrics are controlled porosity fabrics widely used in bleed out materials in release applications
Zoned Tapes A PTFE coated glass fabric in combination with a special double sided tape to provide an adhesive edged tape with a clear zone of PTFE fabric in the centre. Used as the ideal release medium in sealing two layers of plastic film in the automatic production of plastic bags. Available in 0.003" and 0.005"

Additional Information

Techplas PTFE Coated Fabrics and Tapes are available as slit rolls or sheets, and available with adhesive or non-adhesive backing.

Techplas PTFE Coated Tape is available as non-adhesive or with an adhesive backing.

It is supplied in rolls of 15 or 30 metres or by the square metre; it is used as a protective heat resistant barrier and for its non-stick qualities (Any width of tape up from 10mm to 2.5 metre wide is readily available.)

*The most well-known brand name of PTFE Fabric is Teflon® Fabrics. Teflon® is a registered Trade mark of DuPont