Conveyor Belts

TECHPLAS have developed a wide range of PTFE coated process & conveyor Belts from lightweight tear-resistant fabrics to heavier grades in glass and Kevlar.

Our design engineers will recommend the most suitable belt for your application and advise on ways to optimise its performance.

Benefits and Properties Applications
  • Weight Savings - Low mass allows the use of lighter and simpler conveyor layouts with corresponding reduction in power consumption.
  • Energy Saving - Techplas Belts have excellent heat transfer properties and absorb less energy than conventional belt materials.
  • Excellent Release - The easy release characteristics of the belt surface enhance product quality and improve process efficiencies.
  • Development - The right fabric is essential to achieving optimum results from the belt. Techplas have a wide range of materials, and special grades are developed for specific processes.
  • Open Mesh Belts and silicone coated fabrics give high productivity, energy savings, increased hygiene and improved pack appearance in shrink wrap processes.
  • High Strength & Excellent Flexibility
  • Excellent Non-Stick Properties
  • Thermally and Dimensionally stable from -150°C to 260°C.
  • Non-Toxic and EU food regulations and FDA compliant
  • Resistant to Microwaves, radio frequency, ultra violet and infra-red rays
  • Food Processing and release sheets
  • Industrial Process Belts
  • Cooling Applications
  • Microwave, radio frequency, ultra violet and infra-red environments

Ranges Available

Belts are custom made to order for your application so please Contact Us with your requirements.

Belts are available in a wide variety of fabrics and surface finishes, all of which incorporate the unique properties of the Techplas range:

  • Easy Release
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Weight Saving

Additional Information

*The most well-known brand name of PTFE Fabric is Teflon® Fabrics. Teflon® is a registered Trade mark of DuPont