FEP Release Film

FEP Flourinated (Ethylene Propylene) was developed as a melt processable version of PTFE. This gives it the ability to be extruded and thermoformed whilst still retaining the chemical resistance and non-stick properties of PTFE.

FEP release provides the ultimate in non-stick industrial protection. It is convenient, long lasting and is simple to use, offering a unique blend of properties that are not found in any other type of film. This low friction thermoplastic is suitable for a wide range of high performance jobs. It is transparent and can be heat bonded, welded and heat sealed.

Its excellent non-stick properties make it an ideal release film for a large number of applications. It provides a cost effective route to improved production quality and increased productivity.

Techplas UK offer a range of extruded seamless FEP tubes which shrink tightly and encapsulate the surface of rollers by the simple application of heat.

Benefits and Properties
  • Thermal Stability - Usage temperature 200 to +200°C (-328 to +392°F). It is also heat sealable.
  • Chemical Resistance - Techplas FEP roll cover system is chemically inert and offers total protection against corrosive chemicals and cleaning solvents. It also has low permeability to liquids, gases, moisture and vapours.
  • Easy Installation - No need to send rollers away. Maintenance Engineers can fit long life PTFE sleeves in a few minutes by simple techniques.
  • Electrical Reliability - Has excellent electric insulation because of the high dielectric strength over a range of temperatures and also a low dielectric constant. Giving it excellent reliability and retention properties over large areas of release film.
  • Strong & Superior Anti Stick Qualities - Has excellent anti-stick properties because of the low surface energy and excellent resistance to high impact and tearing.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and machine down time result - because our PTFE covers need only an occasional wipe over to restore an "as new" non-stick surface.
  • Resistant to weathering - Inert to outdoor exposure, properties remain unchanged after 10 years of outdoor exposure. Excellent transmission of UV rays and low light reflection.
  • Long Life - The thickness of the FEP sleeve (0.5mm) means that covered rolls will have a much longer service life than PTFE spray coated rollers. Additionally the roll cover system does not subject the roller to the high curing temperatures associated with PTFE spray coating. This ensures that rollers are not distorted during covering.
  • Cost Saving - Possibly the most cost-effective route to improved production quality and increased productivity.

Ranges Available

This product is normally supplied as seamless heat shrinkable sleeves in FEP - 12 to 380mm diameter with wall thickness of 0.51mm nominal. Thicker sleeves with 1 or 1.5mm wall thickness are also available.

Additional Information

Surface treatment for bonding applications (sizes from 0.025mm to 0.1mm treated by corona discharge, larger sizes chemically etched).

Pigmented films available for specialist applications (e.g. release film) red, white, black, chromed.

Perforated films available for release film applications.

Standard widths are 1150mm or 1250mm depending on thickness, larger sheets can be supplied by use of Holscot's welding techniques which provide a virtually indiscernible joint.

Other thicknesses available upon request.

*The most well-known brand name of PTFE Fabric is Teflon® Fabrics. Teflon® is a registered Trade mark of DuPont